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Last Update: 03/22/2012


SearchPx is aimed at searching SNS photos with various forms of input, showing photos as search results and handling them somehow.

Flickr Image Search has been released on 03/03/2012 (check it out on Android Market) as the first application of SearchPx.

Flickr Image Search

Flickr Image Search is the application to search Flickr photos with various conditions, select photos you like from search results, bookmark them to a folder, and organize photos and folders.

  • Search Flickr photos with search conditions: tags, tagmode, texts, sort, upload date and taken date.
  • Save your search conditions.
  • Show photos as search results.
  • Bookmark photos to a selected folder.
  • Show favorite photos that you marked as 'favorite' in the default folder.
  • Create a folder.
  • Mark a photo as 'Favorite'.
  • Remove a photo from 'Favorites' .
  • Show photo comments.
  • Post a photo comment.
  • Slideshow.
  • Dowload photos to your device.
  • Pinch in/out each friend's photo on Image View.